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Glider guns are oscillators that produce escaping gliders every cycle. All can be turned into true oscillators by placing eaters to remove the gliders before they escape.

Guns based on Herschel loops exist for all periods 62 and higher. Since such loops consist of simple still-lifes and Herschels, all of which have simple glider syntheses, this means glider guns with syntheses exist for all periods 62 and higher as well.

Guns for some smaller periods have been found as well. It is theoretically possibly to have glider guns of any period as low as 14, although 22 is the lowest period found so far. (It is possible to create to create glider streams of any period 14 and higher, by merging glider streams from x guns of sufficiently large period y, yielding a stream of period y/x.)

Glider Guns

These are some of the simplest known glider guns that have known glider syntheses.

glider guns

Period-30 glider gun [8]

2 Not quite guns

not quite guns

P30 almost glider gun [8] P30 suicidal gun [8]

There are three interactions between two queen bee shuttles that produce natural gliders. One of them produces a glider that successfully escapes, yielding a period-30 Glider gun. The other two produces gliders that don't quite make it.

The left example above one creates a glider that almost escapes, but hits the right shuttle at the last moment; if it were advanced only 2 more generations, it would have escaped. This can be rescued and turned into a period 30 oscillator by eating the glider before the right shuttle returns. It can also be turned into a successful gun by using a Buckaroo to reflect the glider 90 degrees before it hits the shuttle.

The right example shoots a glider directly into the right shuttle, effectively shooting itself in the head, while other debris destroys the left shuttle.

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